Rename MySQL DB and resync CPanel


Jan 2, 2007
I'm moving some CPanel accounts from an old server to a new server. The old server does not have database prefixing turned on. The new server DOES have database prefixing turned on.

The move will work fine but after moving the accounts I would like to prefix the database and database user for consistency with the other CPanel accounts on the new server.

I know that I can rename the database from phpMyAdmin but once I do that the database won't be visible in CPanel. Is there a way to resync or manually edit a config so that CPanel displays the renamed user and database?



Staff member
Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

The database map tool is available at:

"WHM Home » SQL Services » Database Map Tool"

Per it's description:

The Database Map Tool allows you to assign ownership of databases and database users to specific cPanel accounts. This ownership is retained in the internal mapping of databases to users and will allow management of the databases from within the owner’s cPanel interface.

It's documented at:

Database Map Tool - cPanel 11.38

However, typically, you should avoid using PHPMyAdmin for database creation or to adjust the name of a database. Instead, you should backup the database, delete it, and then import the database dump into a new database that was created in cPanel with the new name.

Thank you.