Nov 13, 2006
I have just found a problem with my dedicated server running cPanel, and decided to try find some answers here. Its to do with ScriptAlias'ing of cgi-bin on a per account, so i searched for "scriptalias cgi-bin" - geeeeeez ppl, how about running a quick search before posting your question.

There must be at least 40 posts from people saying "/cpanel doesnt work, but port does" - there is 1 simple answer: check that the scriptalias exists. 1 quick search prior to posting a question in here will surely result in a) a quicker solution to your problem, as the answers are already there - no need to wait for a response. and b) more efficient forum use for EVERYONE - in my case, not having to sift through 40 unrelated /cpanel scriptalias issues to find a "per account cgi-bin scriptalias" solution..

Search and ye shall find.



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Nov 10, 2001
ON, Canada
That subject has been brought up a few times before. Too many people just post their question without searching first. Why? I don't know. Like you said, if it's been answered before, they'll get an instant answer. The only thing I can think of is, rather than take 10 minutes of their time for an immediate answer, they prefer to take 1 minute to post a question and wait for the answer.

There have been several times when I would see a question I know was recently posted, so I would search for it and post a link rather than the answer.

I think the biggest issue here is, people don't think of this as an information forum but a discussion forum.