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Replace Local with external MySQL server

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dla, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. dla

    dla Registered

    Jul 8, 2009
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    Is it posible to replace the local MySQL server for WHM with an external MySQL server running on Windows Server 2008 and keeping the cPanel features?

  2. cPanelDavidG

    cPanelDavidG Technical Product Specialist

    Nov 29, 2006
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    Houston, TX
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    If you wish to use the tools built into WHM for setting up a remote MySQL server, that remote server would need to be running Linux.

    However, if you wanted to do everything manually, you may want to refer to the following presentation from our 2008 cPanel Conference:
  3. Spiral

    Spiral BANNED

    Jun 24, 2005
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    Is it possible .... YES

    You CAN reconfigure Cpanel / WHM to use an external server and you CAN actually
    have that server hosted on a Windows based machine although that requires a little more
    configuring and I would not personally recommend doing either of those things as you will
    see more the reasons as to why I say that further below:

    Running external MySQL databases is poorly advised for normal web site script
    usage and is definitely not recommended especially when talking about
    connecting the server's critical operations such as Cpanel / WHM. This
    goes double when talking about hosting MySQL on a Windows machine
    which is even more prone to stability and reliability issues.

    The Internet is an extremely unstable place. Even assuming the absolute
    best case scenario that your database server machine never goes down
    for any reason ever which is doubtful, you are still talking about taking on
    substantial performance impairments to your Cpanel server just simple
    from the simple act making your database calls remote alone! This comes
    even before you consider netsplits, backbone loading issues, unstable traffic
    and routing problems, lost or intercepted packets (common on the internet)
    of which all can potentially crash your entire server machine in the worst of
    cases and seriously impair your entire server performance in the best of cases.

    Then to complicate matters further, you are talking about not only running MySQL
    remotely but also placing that database server on a Microsoft Windows based server
    which gives you an even greater potential for performance and reliability issues.

    All of this and I haven't even begun to talk about security issues you face making
    that change and that is a whole entire subject in and of itself well beyond the scope
    of what is written here and opens you up to some very potential problems.

    This all goes back to one obvious underlying question ... WHY?

    Why do you want to split your MySQL off to a remote server?

    What is your underlying thinking that you would ask about that?
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  4. hostmedic

    hostmedic Well-Known Member

    Apr 30, 2003
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    Washington Court House, Ohio, United States
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    DataCenter Provider
    Why - well load / i/o

    there are a few reasons to do this -

    For example:

    We have a server and the mysql just cannot run well on it -
    its an I/O issue mainly

    Now - moving mysql off to another system in the network would make a lot of sense - the system would run just mysql -

    Disk I/O on that 15K RPM Raid 10 system would take care of the Disk I/O
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