Request for better package manager!


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May 13, 2003
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I've brought this up several years ago, but with cPanel 11 being out and all - I thought I'd run it by again.

Currently the Package manager is very basic and doesn't work well. At the present time if someone is on package X and they are given something extra, say an add-on domain, then if package X is updated (say more space) then the extra domain is wiped out. The package manager needs to recognise the core components of a package and also the extra components allocated to each user.

So if package x has 10 email boxes and 2000mb space and user Y has additional 5 email boxes and 50mb space. Then when i decide to upgrade package X to include 3000mb of space the user Y will end up with 15 email boxes and 3050mb space. What currently happens is that user Y ends up with 10 email boxes and 3000mb space - just like everyone else on package X.

It was not so bad before because we used to receive an email showing what the user had and what they now have. So I could go through manually and put the extras in. However under CP11 the email does not say what they used to have - it is impossible to reallocate extra resources.

I realise that this should go into the feature requests bug thingy. But if I put it there it's just ignored by Cpanel. It might as well be ignored by cpanel on the forum where at least other cpanel users can comment.


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May 20, 2003
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My only comment would be to add it to a features request and link to that here in the thread. If you want comments fine, but votes on the "bug thingy" are what get it noticed by cPanel. I'd vote for this one too. Not a real problem here though, I learned that lesson long ago not to edit accounts out of the packages defaults. Especially when it comes to addon domains. :eek:

Saying "it doesn't work well" is a bit much I think. It just doesn't do what you'd think it should do, or would like it to do. Thats where the bugtracker comes in. Post to it, get votes for the enhancement of package manager, and get it sorted. (hopefully)

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Nov 29, 2006
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Actually a member of the QA staff reviews all new entries on "bug thingy" (as you put it). I know from an outside view, it can appear that things are ignored. However, if we find a bug has a lot of votes and many comments, it usually becomes something we, at a bare minimum, take a second look at.

Many bugzilla entries do lead to new functionality in cPanel/WHM; however I'm not going to deny that many have not yet been implemented into the software. Our bugzilla ( is looked at and the staff is more likely to look at something there (granted, usually without any input on our part) than they are to look at something here on the forums.

If you have previously submitted an entry to bugzilla, feel free to paste the link here. If not, I'd recommend creating such an entry then pasting a link to it here on the forums so others can voice their input to build upon your suggestion.
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Apr 7, 2006
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Ah, but if it's in the "bug thing" it's a bit easier for cPanel personnel to find :)

Yeah, I know. Everyone hates the "bug thing." I wonder if we can get it renamed to that?

Anyway, on your Package Manager vision, as you already noted, the sore point would be when modifying a package as for each account associated with a package, a decision needs made by the package manager:

1. Upgrade the account to the new values

2. Upgrade the account to new values plus difference between old values and current account values

Choice 1 is the easiest and what the package manager currently does. The second option is

1. more complex (means: more room for error)
2. not what every Sys Admin would want - thus necessitating YATS (Yet Another Tweak Setting)
2a. Possibly not even what you would want in every situation
3. More resource intensive (time, CPU, disk)

but, if could be done, would provide more flexibility overall, with added complexity.


Jul 8, 2007
Is there anyway to EDIT a package WITHOUT the system updating every domain that has that package already to the new limitations? It's frustrating when we want to change hosting plans but if we do, everyone who has Plan 1 will get the NEW plan and not be grandfathered on their old limitations. Couldn't there be a checkbox for "Revise Account Limitations" or not?


Jul 8, 2007
So I have to create a new set of named plans in order to make changes? Wouldn't that tend to pile up over time? For instance, we may change our plan offerings 2-4 times per year for sales, etc. We offer 10 plans. We could have 40 sets of names in there during a year's time. :(

I can't just "edit the package" and "edit the name" at the same time - leaving the old accounts provisioned on the old limits. You have to create a new plan and name it a new name.

And.. what happens when I create a new plan, name it something new, can I delete the old plan without it impacting the other clients who were ON the old plan?

Package manager certainly could use some improvement.