request for E_STRICT to be hidden in PHP 5.4 via deprecated patch


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Feb 10, 2005
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Would it be possible for cpanel to also make E_STRICT warnings silent in the deprecated patch for PHP 5.4 ?

We went to PHP 5.4 today with the newest easyapache and it went surprisingly smoothly.

Biggest problem was all the strict warnings so we had to hop around to all the running code and manually change the error_reporting.


Just to help others looking at 5.4, the biggest annoyance is that PHP 5.4 is going to find every bit of bad code on your server that 5.3 never noticed.

We get a ton of "PHP Warning: Creating default object from empty value" which basically happens when you start manipulating things as objects in PHP before they are initialized as new stdClass(); (happens a bunch in WordPress and plugins).

It won't stop anything from running but if you have display errors on by default you are going to see a mess.