Request for Enhancement - E-mail forwarder


Jul 23, 2006
I asked the following question a few days ago,
"Can you edit an e-mail forwarder or do you have to delete it then add a new one? I have many forwarders all going to one account. I now wish to change the root account and point all my forwarders to that new account. Do I have to delete / add or is there some sort of script I can run to do this for me?"

The answer was that there is a file that contains the information and that can be edited. My webhost does not offer access to that file and suggested I post a message asking for an enhancement. To be honest, I think it is THEM that should be posting the request on my behalf as opposed to them asking one of their paying customers to do it but that's another story. So is this the right place / method to ask for an enhancement?

Cheers, Max