require admin for cpanel to cpanel move

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Aug 11, 2001
Fremont CA
Starting after X-mas, I will be in the process of putting online some new servers in our Hurricane Electric cabinet, and I will be requiring the expertise of someone who has done such a move in the past (cpanel to cpanel move)

Looking at moving 2 servers, total about 800 to 900 customers

If you\'ve done this in the past, and would like to earn an extra few $$, email me @ [email protected] and we can discuss it and setup a timeline of events.

Prob looking at 1-2 people if that\'s enough. Looking for complete migration, meaning a very smooth transistion, where all the ips and accounts will be moved over within 24 hours along with DNS (instant)

(Like the VO moves and prob alot of other nocs)
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