Require some basic cPanel & Linux info


Dec 16, 2006
I have a Background of 26 years IT - developed and setup a number of websites php, html, asp, aspx(.net)x
Unix - 10+ yrs vi, sed, AWK, Bourne & Korn shell
Numerous databases (MySql, Oracle, Ingres et Al)

I cannot get my head around how to set up a domain on my dedicated server and cannot get useful help from my hosting company.

1. How do I find out/set up my server domain name?
2. How do I add other domains?
3. What accounts do I need to set-up or do I just transfer them?
4. What should the named servers for the new domains be set-to?

I understand how this is set-up for windows with //localhost and inetpub etc. but cannot see how to do the same on Linux ...please help
:confused: is ever to old to learn......and no-one knows everything....


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Jun 19, 2005
Have you installed any control panel? Or you need help installing cpanel.

If you have not installed control panel then it is recommended that you will install it so that you can eaily manage your hosting with linux via control panel.



Dec 22, 2006
Lubbock TX
Echo Manuel,

Cpanel will install named for you which is a DNS zone server and you can control your DNS with that. Alternatively see if the provider that you purchased the domain through will provide you DNS service. If they are a good registrar then they will do it for free. Otherwise I suggest you look for a new registrar. I use


Dec 16, 2006
cPanel Information

CPanel is already installed.

I can now access the shell using putty.exe

1. I have tried adding a virtual host for in httpd.conf but still no response from the website.
2. When I then tried to add an account for howtofix in the cpanel it told me to delete the virtual host lines I had entered in the httpd.conf file
3. So I did this, then added the howtofix account and it put the same virtualhost statements for howtofix as my main domain account
4. I tried adding these lines for a virtual host as I did in step 1. :-

# Use name-based virtual hosting.
NameVirtualHost *:80


<VirtualHost *:80>
in the http.conf file
but still no joy from the website or the ftp for the site.

I have told my hosting company I am willing to pay someone to help me out but still no response,
unfortunately I have signed up for a year.

If anybody can point me in the right direction or provide assistance I will be happy to pay you,

HPC totally confused :confused:
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