Reseller able to view another client's account


May 4, 2008
Hi all

Just wondering whether anyone has ever experienced this before:

We recently had a new reseller client claim he could see an account not associated with his reseller. Upon further investigation, with the assistance of some screen shots supplied by the client, we discovered he had actually logged into another reseller's account. However, the login details he was using were all correct for his account and when we logged in using the same details we saw the correct account, not the one he was seeing.

The account he had logged into was listed directly above his in the reseller account listing in WHM and had completely different login details. Neither client had any prior knowledge of each other and were in totally different locations using unrelated pc's. The affected client was using OSX Leopard and Safari and we tried a cache along the way but that made no difference.

The strange thing was that it just rectified itself after a a few hours and his account now works fine.

Any ideas would be very helpful.