Reseller account disappeared and can't be recreated


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May 11, 2003
One of our large reseller accounts magically disappeared yesterday. The domain was still in Apache and ProFTPD, and so were all of this resellers sub accounts and packages. I couldn't recreate the account 'starlght' because it said it already existed, but we couldn't even log in.

The user disappeared from WHM, /home, /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow. Upgraded cPanel, removed the user from httpd.conf and proftpd.conf, deleted /var/cpanel/users/starlght, no luck. I also sent a ticket, they replied I had to remove the user from all these files and directories, but I still can't re-create and the ticket is open for about 24 hours now.

Any idea on how to completely remove it so that it can be recreated? Also any idea what might have caused this? Thanks. Support Ticket Number: 22214