Reseller Account - Unable to Retrieve Key


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Dec 20, 2003
New Jersey
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I am attempting to utilize one of my Reseller accounts on my server. I have had issues connecting with a third party system which builds my cPanel accounts for me when I create the accounts. So, while having this issue I attempted to "Set Up Remote Access Key" I am getting a message "Unable to Retrieve Key".

I am able to create a key in the root loging and I can create the key for an old Reseller Account.

Is there any idea what may be wrong with this reseller account that I cannot retrieve a key? I know initially I accidently created this reseller account with the root password, however have since corrected that issue.

Figured I would just let you all know what I have done in the past that could shed some light on this issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you