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Apr 27, 2003
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I'll try to be as clear as possible. An existing server was upgraded from centos 4 to centos6 last night, so all was erased and installed from scratch.

all accounts are on a second drive ready to restore, so that's ok

Install went pretty ok till I got to the dns part

first ns for the root account is ok ok ip and A record ok but when i do a intodns lookup on the rootaccount : no response for ns2

I have a reseller on there with his ns records (ip's didn't change)

in reseller part I can add ip to them, ok (I manually edited /etc/nameserverips for that)
but when I want to add A record i get just a fancy ip (no clue where it comes from)

I double checked with domain registrar and the ips are ok for those reseller ns

I'm at a total loss

so i end

ns1.rootaccount is working
ns2.rootaccount is not responding

ns1.reseller can add ip but no a record (except manually changing the ip)
ns2.reseller can add ip but no a record (except manually changing the ip)

and when I ad nameserverips I get

Nameserver IP No. Zones 46 No IP 1 46 No IP 1

driving me nuts, read this forum up and down, read documentation again but to no help and I have all reseller accounts dead ...

any help appreciated, really ... thanks


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May 9, 2008
Just double check that you have created proper child nameservers for the new server at your domain name registrar end. Please make sure that you need to change A record for ns2 record from the old DNS zone if you still have not changed the main nameservers of main domain name.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

It looks like the DNS on your server is configured properly, so it's likely better handled via a support ticket so we can check the actual domain name. Please submit a ticket using the following URL:

Submit A Ticket

Thank you.