Reseller cannot use FTP-ideas?


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Jan 17, 2003
Hi all,
New to WHM. I have set up a reseller but she cannot access her client sites via ftp using either her IP or using client domain name (yes, it has propagated.)

But, she can access the client sites using the servers main IP to ftp.

No idea what is happening. Could it be the DNS zone setting? I have set up the reseller client ftp setting as:

FTP 14400 in CNAME

Is this correct or should I change this?


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Jan 18, 2003
She can't access her client's account with her own domain's IP. She must use the main server IP (if the account is an IP-less account) or the IP assigned to her client.

If she can't access, then she needs to check to make sure has an A record to main server's ip. That FTP CNAME seems fine to me as long as =, not