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Oct 6, 2001
If i have more free ip is that i can make up reseller account
with Their own nameserver like this? free ip 1 free ip2

so is that they can use this to provide to their customer?
and check whois just check and ip only?

i don't want to show my own server address and ip!any one can tell me?
Thanks For Your Help!

Website Rob

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Mar 23, 2002
Alberta, Canada
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Sounds about right -- what you've stated so far.

Also use WHM & Server Setup & Manage Assigned Nameserver Ips to setup their Nameservers. To economize, make NS1 as the Shared IP for your Reseller&s Name based accounts and use NS2 as a Dedicated IP for the Reseller.

A Nameserver IP can also be used as a Dedicated, this is not a problem. The advantage is that it helps to conserve assigned IP address's -- since we shouldn't be handing them like candy. ;)