Reseller of reseller questions


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Sep 9, 2002
1. I would like to know is it possible to have reseller under reseller? I mean, I have root access and one reseller on server. Is it possible that my reseller have his reseller ?
If this is possible to accomplish with WHM, can someone point me on how to do this. I see that WHM features saying something about "three system reseller" but I don't know what they actually mean by that.

2. Further question is how can my reseller transfer all account of his reseller to my server. The thing is that there is no privileges wich I could enable to permit my reseller for transfer function (between two servers). So how to deal with this

3. Can I give my reseller and his reseller the same IPs for nameservers as main nameservers of this server have? They will have their own nameservers but I am asking about IPs for nameservers.
Is there any possible problem with accessing domains if all having the same IPs for different nameservers ?

4. Is it normaly possible that my reseller shared IP (for his client domains/accounts) is the same as for primary nameserver?

5. Is it normaly possible that my reseller reseller shared IP (for his clients) is the same as for primary nameserver too ?

Thanks in advance


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Jun 15, 2002
Go on, have a guess
To help with some of the questions, within WHM there's no method to offer resellers of resellers. However, I believe that there's a scripting product that allows you to do it if you search the forums a bit deeper. An alternative solution could be to offer VPS solutions to your resellers.