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Nov 20, 2003
We have made this step:

1. in the root whm we have create a package "reseller_a" with space,bandwith, ... and 0 addon and 0 parked.

2. after we have add "new account" with package "reseller_a" and 'reseller' checked, no owner

3. after we have make setting under "reseller center" > Edit Privileges/Nameservers.
We have check
- Limit the amount of accounts ... with max account
- Limit Accounts that ** can create by Resource Usage
And under Resource usage limits we have fill max space and bandwith (the same package reseller_a

>>> Under features limits we don't have checked 'Allow creation of packages with Addon Domains' and 'Allow creation of packages with Parked Domains'

Now, we log as new reseller for make a test.
We create a package, there aren't parked and addon .. ok
We inser new account and assign package created..
but.. .. account is created with unlimited addon and unlimited parked..

why ?? where we make errors ??

if, as reseller, we modify a package "now" there is addon and parked fields.. but if we fill value is not keep..
Changing max parked domains from to
Changing max addon domains from to