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Oct 20, 2002
I have a question on how the reselling works. I just recently purchased a dedicated server, and I am hosting about 4 of my own personal sites. At the same time, I am starting a webhosting business with this server. So, my personal sites are setup via my root account.

I then tried to make the domain that will be the hosting biz become a reseller. When I login to WHM with my reseller login info, there are no options to add any sites. Just a few real basic options. I also made some test packages to see if that would make a difference, but still nothing.

Just wondering if I'm missing something here. I checked the docs and don't see much detailed info about reselling accounts. Maybe Im just thinking the reselling feature is different than what I'm after, then that's no problem and I can just sign up all of the new sites via root *shrug*

Any suggestions?