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Apr 9, 2002
I am posting my buzilla post here, just so people can see and relate, I am sure others have had this issue.


I have submitted this once before but it was never fixed.

I will explain the issue in detail using an example, if something is not understood please contact me.

Customer A, purchases a reseller account with a disk quota limit of 500meg and 20gig of bandwidth. We setup their WHM using resource limitation. Customer A, then in turn adds two sites w/ 10gig bandwidth and 250meg space, we will call them site a and site b. This populates all of their allowed space and bandwidth. A month down the road, site b decides it doesnt need 250 meg of space and asks to be reduced to 100, a quota modification is done, and the customer decides it'd like to add site C, and give it 150meg space. The customer believes because they dropped the quota for the other site they still have 150meg of space left to allow the new site c to have. The problem is after quotas are downgraded, the Resellers WHM is never updated and the lowering of the site b quota to 100, adding 150 back into the pool was never subtracted from the total used. The customer then tries to add site C and is denied because it says all 500meg of the quota is in use, when it is clearly not, there is 150 not being used at all, but since the WHM never updated its info, it wont let the user add.

Basically I believe that this can probably be fixed easily by after ANY quota modification it checks who the owner of the account is, and modify its totals (either +/- ) and update the reseller immediately so that they can add new clients.