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Jul 17, 2002
Just wanting to let you know about :

Yes Account Modification
Yes Quota Modification
Yes Bandwidth Limiting

This TREE features on a reseller are kinda dangerous...
anyone with Quota Modification could eat all your disk space. (and this will not count on the reseller assigned Quota)
Anyone with Bandwdith Limiting could use as many bandwidth as he wants (and this will not count on the reseller assigned BW)
and if you give Account Modification, well... they could some times make things you dont want to ... and maybe also enable them to go over quota/bw limits.

The problem is ... maybe you want to give a reseller the possibility to change POP accounts... (you need modify account enabled, or reseller needs to use plans)
or maybe you want to give them the possibility to modify quota (but the quota assigned counts agains the plans quota only, and if someone puts "1000000" in an account as quota, they could use it....)

Just a warning ... you can give this things, but you also will need to monitor that resellers are not going over their limits. :eek:

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Oct 14, 2003
Porto - Portugal
Well... Is it possible to add all options in the reseller WHM about modifying accounts? I need the e-mails and the space options. Is that possible?

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