Nov 22, 2002
I have been given a reseller account on a host that uses Cpanel. I am trying to get some questions answered and hoped maybe someone in the forum could help.

First thing is that I wanted to make some things that seem to be defaults when creating an account to be options. For example, by default when creating a new account the following things appear in the users control panel:

Shopping Cart

Not to sound picky, but I was hoping to be able to enable and disable these options on each account individually. The idea was that each of these were going to be extras that could be paid for on a monthly basis for like $1.00 a month for each single one.

The user would have the option of me enabling each one seperately.

My hosting provider who is allowing me to resell is willing to work with me and if I can find out how to do it he will work to make it happen.

Any ideas on how this can be done would be greatly appreciated.