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Mar 19, 2003
A few problems. 98% of our 7000+ sites are made up of resellers, the rest are normal hosting accounts. With that said i would like to address a few issues for which i have not found answers to.

Up till now, we had no problems with giving our resellers the following two options.

Bandwidth Limiting Modification (Warning: This will allow circumvention of account package limits)

Quota Modification (Warning: This will allow circumvention of account package limits)

After Cpanel deployed the X and X2 skins we noticed the warnings attached to the above two options so we removed it from our resellers but not without problems.

Here is the major bug in this whole system

Usually at the end of the month, our resellers are scrambing to correct over bandwidth sites from suspending. The problem is the reseller has no way of increasing the bandwidth totals if we remove the above bandwidth option. The upgrade/downgrade option does not fix the problem. You can modify the package bandwidth till the cows come home and applying it to the site will not unsuspend the site.

What do you do? What can the reseller do and why does the upgrade/downgrade option fail to recognize the fact that more bandwidth has been applied and to unsuspend the site.

If we have the above disabled, users have to submit a TT to us to modify the bandwidth total, unsuspend bandwidth exceeders or give the reseller back the command. Whats the solution? Is there none?

Next, when a reseller selects a new package he is presented with a form the shows UNLIMITED everthing. Why is that? I mean if a reseller is restricted to what he can assign why confuse the reseller even more by placing the word UNLIMITED in the resource fields. This only gives a reseller the idea that they can assigned UNLIMITED when in fact they may not be able to assign unlimited at all. I have seen users placing Unlimited, 9,999,999 and even -1's in these fields. Surely if your going to give us a form to use to create a package you could do some type of field checking. This is just common programming practice. Unless of course Darkorb continues to be sloppy with their coding and think resellers are mind readers there should be some kind of editing going on here. We all know what 0 means. The question is how do resellers know? I hate seeing unfinished options and programs because this is basically what this is. Unfinished or simply no though has gone into this. I would like to see the reseller selections and the reseller section revamped and upgraded to something that we can all be proud of.

Anyone ever see what happens when a reseller assigns the number 1 to the ftp field? Guess what. FTP does not even function for that site until the number is raised to 2. Why? Because for some reason Darkorb has decided the 2 is really the minimum, not 0 or 1. Well how should we know? Better yet, how should the reseller know? There is nothing in the form that says you cant use a number less than 2. No error checking nothing.

What are you thoughts on this? And how can we get Cpanel to get a move on with this? Support Ticket Number:
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Jun 30, 2002
I wholeheartly back you on ALL the issues you raise, but unlike you, I think Darkorb in GENERAL does a great job...

They only lack time to finish up on everything... They should have a guy full time to handle ONLY these issues ! Validation, colors, customization ( when will we be able to edit the bandwidth e-mail or select the threshold ? ), etc...

I had even opened up a feature request ticket to fix the upgrade/downgrade issue...

I get a LOT of requests from resellers on how to setup their packages...

To the point where I am wondering I will keep allowing them to edit them themselves !

I wasn't aware tought of the 2 for FTP !!!

Thanks ! Support Ticket Number: