reseller's created accounts being created on main ip

Jul 25, 2004

i just created the first reseller on my server. Accounts he creates are created on the main(shared) ip, not one of his.

i dont know why this is happening.

any ideas?


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Apr 12, 2004
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
What you've done is assigned 2 ip's to his account for nameserver addresses and still allowed him to use your shared server IP. To fix this, you'll need to assign a 3 ip to the account for him to use as his own shared IP. This will require alot of work as you will then need to go through each zone file and update his clients records to reflect to the new ip assigned for him to share with his clients and his sites.


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Jun 16, 2004
To configure the resellers shared IP that would be used for their accounts, either enter the IP manually within (create the file, enter the IP)


or use the option in whm > Reseller Center >> Manage(Delegate) Resellers Shared IP

What a lot of hosts do is to set the main reseller account up on a dedicated IP and also assign that IP as the primary name server IP for that resellers name servers - Then assign the second IP that you use for their secondary name server to also be the resellers shared IP.