Resellers - Delegated IPs & main/shared IPs?


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Jul 10, 2007
What is the difference when we delegate and IP to a reseller, and/or set a main/shared IP for a reseller? It appears for the reseller they have no control over what IP they use when we delegate them an IP. WHere do they go to view their dedicated IP's in their WHM? How can they setup a website on a dedicated IP that we have delegated to them? It seems that no matter what IP I give them, they don't know the difference.


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Oct 2, 2010
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Delegating an IP should mean the IP can be used upon account creation for packages that allow a dedicated IP for those reseller's accounts. A main/shared IP for the reseller would be the IP that the account gets automatically when creating a non-dedicated IP account, allowing the reseller to have a different IP from the main/shared server IP.

At this point in time, resellers do not have control over which IP is selected during account creation. The pool should select from the available delegated IPs for the reseller and pick one to use for the account on creation.

We have a feature request opened to allow resellers to select the IP for that account creation, which is discussed in this thread: