Mar 20, 2005
I have a resellers account, with access to WHM. I use the Remote Access feature to create accounts, however I am unable to modify created accounts? either automatically with the remote access, or when I go into my WHM there is no where I can edit a user? Is this something to do with my host, or is this simply something i cant find, or isnt implemented in cPanel?

the problem im having, is that when I create an account, I must specify a username, password, domain, in particular. now I can change the package that a user uses, and I can change t he password, but what happends if the user wishes to change their domain? or if the user doesnt have a domain in mind when they create an account? it must be set, and I cant seem to change it after the fact?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I dont own the server, so I cant install 3rd party scripts and what not.