Resellers get errors over quota


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Dec 18, 2005
hi my question is what setting or whatever do i need to edit so my clients can make accounts in there reseller account. if i dont check this box in the reseller center .

Limit Accounts that USERNAME can create by Resource Usage. (Access to packages the user creates is automatically granted unless account creation has been limited to pre-assigned packages above. Access is not automaticlly granted to system/root created packages unless specifically defined below.)

then clients can create accounts in there reseller whm, but they see all packages on server in there packages

I want them to be able to create accounts in there reseller whm and not see all the packages on server

I took a screen shot of my reseller priv's so you can see maybe I need to check something else but I never had to before its just 3 new accounts since we moved to a different server.

I did leave out alot of the basic text thats in the whm >> reseller center >> reseller privs

Screen shot 1

PS these 3 clients with resellers arent using more than a 1 gig all together and there quota is more than 40 gigs so they got plenty of space. Ok thanks just thought I should include that.
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