Resellers 'List Accounts' disappearing


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Jun 9, 2002
Preston, UK
A number of times now all the accounts on the 'List Accounts' page for resellers (and sometimes root) have all disappeared.

/scripts/updateuserdomains2 seems to fix it but it's a pain that it keeps happening. Has anyone else noticed this and/or got a fix? Support Ticket Number:


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Feb 11, 2003
Its a joke and its happened to me three times i think over the last month. The domains will stay live but email will stop working. Creating a new account will bring the other accounts back again. Well that did work but the amount of stuff gets changed on cpanel every other day god only knows now. I would of thought having a stable version would of prevented all my domains vanishing from the control panel but some might call me old fashioned ;) I will not be getting another cpanel server as crap like that just should not happen and its just like having a beta server some punter likes to tinker at with new updates and features that do not work quite often. Support Ticket Number:
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Jul 15, 2003
Seattle Washington
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Yes, run the script mentioned above, and run the email scripts, I know it sounds funny, but it helps maintain the email balances that the disapearing accounts sometimes loose things, and users get pissed about email for some reason :) Anyways, updateing to a stable version, running upcp, and sysup, rhlupdate and updatenow usually help in solving this. It happened to me a few months ago after updating to a non stable version. Luckily a few days later a stable or better version came out and it fixed my prob. Support Ticket Number: