Mar 11, 2005
With the WHM version 10 (and possibly before) the name test* is reserved by WHM.
When using an automatic account creation application such as WHMAP, if a user wants the domain (or anything starting with test) the account will not be created.

I am interested to find out the complete list of reserved names. I have heard there are more than just test*.

I am also interested to hear if this has caused problems for admins and how they deal with it.

I would like to develop a solution that would change the name "on the fly" to something acceptable to WHM, so my accounts will be created automatically without error. I would need to know all the reserved names to do this properly.

Maybe in real life the incidents of this happening are so low that manual account creation is not a problem for most.


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Nov 10, 2001
ON, Canada
I just checked the wwwacct script and test is the only reserved word.

Here are the current limits:
can not begin with test
can not begin with a number or .
can not contain - or _
can not be more than 8 characters