Resolv.conf Connection Issues - Baffled


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Apr 19, 2003
Auckland, New Zealand
Hi Yah,

Been running a new box for about 2 weeks now and several customers have been having issues with connection problems via http & ftp, complaining about real slow speeds, upload & download times etc.

We've checked with our noc and they say everything is okay their side (can only assume that's correct) and that reverse dns has been allocated to the IP's for the name servers and we ensured that initial nameserver setup was activated.

Ran checks on the dns from dnsreport & dnstools and all show up okay so again assuming no issue there. So started looking through the forum to see if anyone is having the same issues and noticed several posts on resolv.conf.

We have the latest version (stable) of WHM/cPanel on a RedHat 9/Bind9 set-up.

Upon checking the resolv.conf we see..

nameserver (primary name server)
nameserver (secondary nameserver)

both name servers are on this box for now till the 2nd ones set-up and we'll use that for redundancy. Now we see some conflicting posts regarding what should and shouldn't be here. Some say no localhost, some say no local dns servers listed only nameservers outwith the box. Some posts show


other show without this...

There was a thread where someone wrote up the how-to but that's dead...

So now you see I'm totally confused...also if you have customers with reseller sites using their own virtual name servers on the box do they get listed in the resolv.conf

Any guidance or examples of resolv.conf using bind 9.x.x and also would this be having issues and causing problems for my customers if set-up incorrectly?

Thanks in advance

Confused :rolleyes:


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Jun 20, 2004
I'm having the same issue today .. any answer pls :confused:


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Jun 20, 2004
Ok, I need to give some details
It's Xeon 3.0 with 1GB ram running CentOS 3 – GNAX
Running latest WHM/Cpanel
We were using ftp pro and we changed it to pureftpd... Problem is the same.
All other things are having fast connections – ssh, http
Only ftp is slow up/down

Any answer to this issue? I have seen lots same issue... Most of them are without a clear answer.