Restarting BIND and FTP server after creating new account?


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Nov 6, 2011
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I have just added several new accounts and I'm waiting for the nameserver records to propogate.
My zone records have changed. Do I therefore need to re-start BIND and the FTP server or is this config taken care of by WHM?



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Oct 2, 2010
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Hello monkey64,

If you've added the account(s) via WHM or the domain(s) via cPanel, they should automatically get reloaded by the named service that runs BIND. Additionally, new accounts would automatically have FTP added for them unless you didn't select FTP as an option for the account, so FTP should be working.

If it isn't working, then you might be cached or there might be something improperly setup in your configuration for either the domain registrar (for the nameservers you've used or IPs) or you might not have the correct nameserver entries into WHM > Basic cPanel & WHM Setup area.

If you would like us to check one of the domains to see if it appears to be properly setup, you could let us know the domain name and what nameservers it should be using.