Sep 28, 2013
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So, I have a new VPS and I am moving everything over to it. I created backups of all the cPanels on my re-seller. From there I started with the first one. I uploaded the back to the VPS's home folder. Once it was in there I SSH'd in and went to /home and ran /scripts/restorepkg -- force -- casey . It then restored the backup I created. However the issue is it is restoring all the files fine, however the MySQL databases from this cPanel are not complete.

Re-seller account
database 1 = .08 MB
database 2 = .51 MB

database 1 = .01 MB
database 2 = .39 MB

What i've done so far is update the resource limits in the php.ini folder inside /home/usr/local/lib php.ini file.
I then recreated the backup rm -rf'ed the old backup uploaded the new one to the home folder, restarted MySQL on the sever and restored it again and it's still not bringing over the entire databases.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Are you positive that data is actually missing, or is it only the disk space usage you are going by? If data is actually missing, check to see if there are any MySQL errors at the time of the backup generation on the source server.

Thank you.