Restore .tar.gz backup file instead of uploading it


Sep 13, 2019
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Hi, my hosting provider sets transfer quotas that affect uploading files (including the backup/restore UI from cPanel to upload from a local backup file). It allows though, to transfer files via FTP without affecting the quota. Therefore I have already uploaded the 3 backup files (home, SQL and mail followers) to the server at the home directory).

cPanel backup wizard doesn't allow you to find a server located file (only a local file to upload).

What workaround may I use in order to perform the restore process using the server located .gz files instead of pulling them from my local computer?. cP File Manager allows me to extract the files from the .gz file but not really perform a complete restore.

I believe I have no shell access either but if it is the only way I would try to get ssh from my hosting provider (hoepefully is not needed).

BTW: cP version used is 82.0 (build 14)