restore tar.gz file created in cpanel full backup


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Oct 18, 2006

I am trying to copy a cpanel site from another server that I do not have SSH access to
to one of my cpanel servers that I do have root SSH access to.

On the server that the site is currently on-
in cpanel in the backups area where it says:
"A full backup includes all of the files in your home directory, your MySQL Databases, and your email forwarders and filters. You can backup your account to preserve your data or use a backup file to move your account to another cPanel server."
I backed up the site to an ftp backup destination.
This worked great.

It created a file in the format

My questions are

1 - If I copy this file to the backup drive on my server
should I try and restore it using the old style backups or the new style backups?

It's not a problem in the WHM for me to set the backups to incremental or full backups-
whatever you recommend for restoring this type of file via the WHM.

2 -what's the best ssh command to copy this tar.gz file from the web site in the public_html folder
that I copied it to on the server to my backup drive on the server.
(I can put it in the backup or cpbackup folders- whatever you recommend for restoring the format that it is in)

3 - or am I going about this the wrong way and is it possible to just restore the file through the cpanel restore option?

4- it is a huge file and I was hoping that there is a faster approach than using the WHM to restore
-perhaps just an ssh command to restore or set up from scratch as a new site?

Thanks for your help


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

1. You should restore that archive via:

"WHM Home » Backup » Restore a Full Backup/cpmove File"

2. You should move it to the /home directory before restoring it. EX:

mv /path/to/12.10.2014_13-49-27_USERNAME.tar.gz /home/
3. It's not possible to restore the archive through the cPanel UI.

4. You could also restore it via:

/scripts/restorepkg /home/12.10.2014_13-49-27_USERNAME.tar.gz
Thank you.