Restore with Email Unchecked wipes all email


Nov 5, 2004
We used to be able to restore and account without touching the current email configuration. However the new backup system will wipe out all email and email boxes if you uncheck "Restore Mail Configuration". We can no longer restore just the website, or just the email. It's all or whatever you don't want restored is wiped from the account.

Here's the exact process and the result:

WHM > Backup > Backup Restoration
Select the Account
Select the Date in the calendar
[ ]Uncheck "Restore Mail Configuration"
Click Add Account To Queue
Click Restore

The website is restored, Subdomains are restored, MySQL databases are restored but *ALL references to email boxes and all email in those boxes is completely wiped out*. On the old system all references to email boxes, and all email in those boxes would remain untouched.

I think this is a horrible implementation of restoring compared to the old method.

Work Around: copy the /home/user/mail and home/user/etc directories to a temp. location. Restore and then copy those directories back again if you want to preserve email.



Staff member
Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

I encourage you to open a feature request for the ability to use the "Restore Mail Config" option without the actual deletion of existing email data via:

Submit A Feature Request

Thank you.