Restoring a cPanel Account - Am I doing this right?


Nov 8, 2011
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
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I have two cPanel accounts on my managed VPS, and recently my Wordpress installation on one of them got messed up significantly enough that I want to restore the whole account from a backup. I asked my host to do this, and the [level III] tech claimed he did. Now I'm still getting all the old error messages, and I have posts from yesterday still live, even though he claims he restored everything from a 4/24 backup. I've eliminated all caching and logged directly into FTP and cPanel at the IP address level and have proved that, basically, he never restored anything. I'm still working with the exact same files and database that were changed right up until yesterday. He denies it. I feel like I'm crazy. Screenshots won't even convince this guy.

So I'm going to do it myself, but I'm scared because this is important stuff. Is it better to use the WHM "Restore Backups" feature or should I try uploading the tar.gz backup that I have on a backup FTP server? Should I delete the account first or just attempt to write over it?



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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

It depends on the type of backup archive that you have. Is it a backup generated by the cPanel backup script? If so, you can terminate the account and then use Web Host Manager to restore the backup archive.

Note: I suggest making a new backup of the account before terminating it just in-case there is a problem with the older backup archive.

Thank you.