Restoring Cpanel backup when the cpmove file is already on new server?


Apr 30, 2011
Ok guys here's the thing.

Since I had to move servers due to financial reason, I basically generated a Full backup of my site from my previous server and asked a friend of mine who has a good internet connection to download it since it was a large file. So today I moved to the new server and asked him to upload the cpmove. file onto the new server.
And now the issue is that since the file already exists on the new server I need to restore it. And since the "homedir.tar" is not a .zip or a .gz I can't seem to simply extract it to public_html
So now my question is how do I restore this backup since it already resides on the new server. Please help me out here. I googled this and alot of forums keep talking about WHM and scripts. Honestly, I don't know what any of that means so please someone be generous enough to provide me with a solution in basic language so that I can get my forums back in running order ASAP.

P.S: I don't see anything that has the initials WHM or the word Web Host manager on my CPanel interface.

I hope I have made myself clear.

Thanking you guys in advance.