Oct 24, 2006
Okay, I screwed up. I wanted to install Drupal using Fantastico. I had a coflict with the folder public_html and the installation of Drupal. It asked me to delete the public_html file because it was conflicting with a file that was going to be installed with the same name. I deleted public_html from the File Manager. I then tried to install it again and it worked. I was able to install. I then went on to try to build my website using Drupal (I hope that is what Drupal is for). Wrong when I go to my site page I get a 404 error message, as before I would get a link to different folders. I then tried to create a public_html folder again but I could not because there was one already there(the Drupal one). So I decided to create a new one and named it public1_html. I then accidently placed that folder into the .cpanel_backup restore folder (I don't know why, I accidently pressed a button while the public1_html folder was selected. Now I am stuck, I want to uninstall Drupal, restore to original setting. Any help please will be very useful.....please!!!!!!!:confused: