Restoring from a system failure


Jan 28, 2005
London, UK
Hi All.

Earlier today - one of our more heavily populated (300+) shared hosting servers totally fried itself due to a motherboard fault (managed to kill both drives too).

After spending a few hours with recovery tools and FSCK - I was able to bring the server up in a very limited form via rescue mode, to get the user data as apose to using the NAS - with the last backup being over 48 hours old.

with cpbackup out of action, the only way we can migrate users over to the new server is via taring up the user data and SCPing it to the server further down in the rack.

Now obviously - transfering over /home will only restore user data and not cpanel settings - so I was wondering if anyone knew where cpanel stores account data et al. I've heard a few people say its in /var - but I've heard a few others saying /etc.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - as none of us really fancy recreating those accounts by hand, or resorting to the nas.


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Nov 24, 2003
We shall find out just how well this ones written here in a few minutes -- I had a main drive fail on a unit with 400 customers on it today -- cpanels burning to it now -- I hope this lil diddy you laid out works good or its gonna be a LONG night!! :D