Restoring From Full Backup


Mar 11, 2020
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Hi, total n00b here so please bear with me. By trade I'm a marketer, not a developer.

A friend recently had to shut down his website and so made a full backup via cPanel's backup wizard. He built the site in Wordpress (.org) and I'm helping him build the site back up from a content point of view, but he's stuck on loading the old database, which I can then load into WP and rebrand etc.

I've got a 3gig tar file and I'm trying to figure out how to restore the backup in cPanel. Uploading via the 'restore' function leads me to a 'Restoring Database' page that just hangs (I gave it a good 20+ mins). I'm convinced there must be another piece of the jigsaw that is missing. I don't seem to have access to WHM, will that help me?
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! Without access to WHM or other root-level access to the machine (such as the command line) you wouldn't be able to see any error logs that could be happening, which may give more detail on what is going wrong with that restoration. Normally I would expect the restore tool to complete properly, but it sounds like there may be problems behind the scenes that you don't have access to fix.

With this situation it would be best to speak with the hosting provider or datacenter to have them try the restore while watching the server error logs to see if they can resolve the problem. If you do end up having root access to WHM you could always put in a ticket with our support team and we can check things on our end for you.