Restoring only system and cpanel configs from backup


Aug 24, 2009
I have 2 servers setup in a HA environment using heartbeat. My home directories and database directories are transfered in real time to the secondary server with drbd.
On the primary server, I'm doing a daily cpbackup and coping it over to the secondary server.

Now my questions are...

a) How can I restore the backup on secondary by script? There is some script in cpanel's /scripts folder that do that for me? Since I already have the users home and mysql in place, there is some way to restore only the system and cpanel files and directories (by script)? This script can be run with the cpanel service stoped? This script need to have access to the home directories?

b) If not, I'll need to write my won restore script, in that case, restore the files in dirs and files backup directories is enough to get cpanel work flawless on secondary server?
And about files like crontab file for the users?

c) How to add directories and/or files to the cpbackup routine (ie. add /etc/csf to backup)?

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Aug 18, 2009
Houston, Tx
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To use the command line to restore an account would be one thing, and that backup would have to have been made by cPanel. I can give you a link to a scripts list that would help you out. However, if you are trying to do more than that, and that's what it appears you will have to create a script to do what you are attempting. That would unfortunately not be something I could do for you. However, you could create a script at /scripts/postcpbackup that would run after the backup is done. That may help with that you are trying to do. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
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