restorpkg + - is it the working correctly?


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Jun 13, 2008
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Is there a way to really achieve the following --

    ## Case 32964: if the owner of the transferring account exists on this system and is a
    ##   reseller, then run create account from the perspective of that reseller (instead of
    ##   the currently running reseller).
This is the comment just before a piece of code to prepare settings for createacct under

I was looking into the code to see the possibility of getting accounts restored directly over the resellers main/shared IP instead of root main IP. And was able to see it's already there with a case number.

I am restoring the accounts as root from cpmove pkg. But the owner of the account is a reseller already on the server and set with a different main/shared IP.

By reading those comments it seems, it will use the reseller's IP, but no, it's getting created with the root's main IP. Note that account is getting restored with correct ownership.

Any comment will be appreciated.

I have also tried to test it, by following this --

1. Created a reseller
2. Allocated a different main/shared IP from reseller center.
3. Created an account from the reseller's WHM, it went all ok.

4. Logged in as root, pkgacct, killacct and then restorepkg - it will preserve the ownership but not the IP.

Can someone from cPanel would be so kind to check it and let me know if this is the way it should work? What that code does below that case number and comments which states in simple words what I need.



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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

The changes made from this case were to ensure that accounts are created under their reseller if that same reseller exists on the destination server. Thus, if a reseller uses different name servers, those name servers are used in the DNS zone of the transferred domain name.

I was able to confirm the reseller shared IP address is not assigned when restoring an account owned by that reseller. I suggest submitting a bug report for this via:

Submit A Bug Report

Thank you.