Restricted FTP Access via cPanel


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Nov 11, 2005

I've been cracking my head at this for a few days and would be grateful for any pointers offered on this please.

I now have a cPanel user account, Joe and he wants to create a sub-FTP account, SubJoe.

SubJoe at best can only be set to access files and dirs within /home/joe/public_html/

However Joe has a list of directories and files spread across public_html that he doesn't want SubJoe to have access to, as it may contain billing information etc.

Also, Joe wants SubJoe to have access to certain files in /home/joe/special/ as they are involved in dynamic generation of webpages.

Is this possible with cPanel's Pure-FTPd please, like an access list of files and directories per FTP user?

Many thanks for any help on this.