Restricting access security hep


Nov 13, 2006

I need help with restricting access with

1. CPanel...I want only two ip address to access the cpanel. People who are not in allow list, will see access denied with they type

I think this can be done in firewall file that is .apf and blocking all the cpanel ports and putting ip's in allow list..

But i have no idea on how exactly to implement this in apf file

2. WHM....same issue is with that..If someone knows my IP, they can just login using https://myip:2087

3. Only two people know the ftp login information that is me and my programmer. So how can i restrict access through ftp for only two ip's

I have already disabled root access of SSH, i want to do this for extra security. WHM doesn't provide way to do that.

All help appreciated