Restricting DNS queries: adddns and named.conf


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Nov 9, 2001
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Would anyone care to offer a suggestion where I might find the template that is used for generating the entries to &named.conf& when a new dns zone is added?

Here's the deal:

a dns server is being abused by loads of queries for non-local zones. Yes, that means it's being used by the general public as their own name server.

I've tightened up named.conf to stop this, however
I must manually add the line &&allow-query { any; };&&
to each zone entry.

I want this to be done automatically when the zone entry is added to named.conf, so the WHM user will not have to get me to manually add the allow-query option to each new zone entry in named.conf he might create.


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May 23, 2002
This is fairly simple (at least in BIND9)

Check out the &recursion& option. You can specify &recursion no& in the Options section, and this will keep the server from being used by clients for non-authoritative lookups.

- Jason