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Apr 16, 2017
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I've set up a second cPanel dedicated server with a company that has no support.

They control the rDNS records however.

I need them to set up reverse DNS/PTR records so email from the hosted accounts on the new server don't bounce. But I am at a loss as to know what exactly they want to proceed, and the keep closing the ticket without explaining.

"You need to work out what the RDNS record (singular) will be. There is no such thing as multiple RDNS entries. Choose what will be the reverse DNS and setup a corresponding forward DNS. Once you have it setup make a request for that FQDN to be setup as the reverse DNS."

We have five IP addresses with this server. One is the server, one for each of two nameservers, one for the primary domain, and one that is shared among many domains. All set up from cPanel as ",, etc."

I need to make sure there is a reverse DNS entry for each of the IP addresses so any accounts created with cPanel aren't rejected for not having an rDNS entry/PTR record.

What exactly are they asking me?

What do I tell them?

Can someone please help?

I am at the point of just killing all the work to set this up and moving it back to our primary hosting company we've had for 14 years over this simple thing. Not very happy with these guys at the moment.


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Apr 17, 2013
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By default, mail send from the server goes through the main IP of the server and this main IP is then queried for RDNS, and then it is matched.

Now, there are providers who do not allow same RDNS for multiple IPs.

If you want account to send mails through their dedicated IP, then you will have to set up RND according to the domain name that is using this dedicated IP.


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Apr 11, 2011