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Jun 6, 2003
Good evening
I am heavly into the development of WebHost Toolbox v2 and as the next version will be not just for webhosts i am renaming the software to RevoToolbox.
RevoToolbox offers a more flexible, more professional and more usable interface.
Also for all you Apple Mac users out their using OS X, we are making a version of our software specifically for you. I recently purchased a new Apple Ibook 1.2ghz for developing this so it should be avaliable shortly after Windows Version release. We need to raise money towards making the Mac OS X version so if you can make a donation, just visit our site at and click the donate button.

It consists of 2 modes:
Basic Mode - Setup using setup wizard, one click access to control panel once setup, allows either helm or cpanel to be setup but not both
Advanced Mode - Up to 10 cpanel accounts, Up to 10 Helm Accounts, Supports ModernBill and ClientExec, New interface,

This latest version will be complete within a month but i want to find people interested in trying the beta version.
Also i would like to get feedback for new ideas, if you have a idea, post it here