RHE - WHM Questions about Features


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Aug 2, 2003
I have a few questions about the RHE version of the Cpanel. I don't exactly know where else to post these. I'm contemplating to move to a Celeron Server that comes with RHE 3.0 and Cpanel. I have some general Questions about RHE.

1) [/b]Is the RHE version of Cpanel come with Apache 2.0 or 1.3?[/b] I've been following some threads, and it looked to me it was Apache 2.0 But I wanted to know for sure.

2) My other questions are on the same topic - well similar one. If Apache2 is used, does the following options still avaialable & WORK ?

(they are copied from the Admin Portion of the WHM)
Tweak Security >

php open_basedir Tweak
mod_userdir Tweak

Because I don't want to move to a server where the open base directory option isn't avaiable.