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Risks in upgrading to Mysql 5.6.x (for InnoDB fulltext search FTS)

Discussion in 'Database Discussion' started by actived, May 12, 2012.

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    we need to use Fulltext Search in our application but we dont have the luxury of being able to do a code rewrite due to various constraints (time / licensing / etc).
    MyISAM tables have FTS but we have over 100k+ and 1M+ rows in the main few tables - and they will soon be 500k+ and 5M+ respectively.
    MyISAM's table-level locking for this size of rows makes it impossible to run a high-traffic site.
    We switched to InnoDB for row-level locking, but that removes the FTS feature as 5.1.62 (the current MySQL we are running) doesnt support FTS for InnoDB - so we dont get good query results (too many matches due to LIKE '%term%')

    We can use a MyISAM shadow table only for search - SELECTs with FTS will be from this table, while INSERTs / UPDATEs / DELETEs will be into the InnoDB data table - and MyISAM search table will be updated every hour or two from the InnoDB table. The problem with this is that we have to lock the MyISAM table every hour or 2 - this blocks SELECTs for the duration of the lock - every hour or so.

    Enter 5.6.x - which has FTS for InnoDB tables.

    But it is not yet supported by Cpanel / WHM as it is not Generally Available.

    So I want to know - if we install it from an rpm downloaded from the mysql site (or if we add the corresponding mysql repo) what would be the obvious concerns and risks - I know that it wont be supported as such by CPanel staff, but this is an issue which must have occurred or will occur when 5.6.x will become GA.

    Thanks in advance.

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