Roundcube Read mail notification problem


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Apr 11, 2011
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Hello @NETcom System,

Have you setup a custom Exim ACL using the Advanced Editor in WHM >> Exim Configuration Manager? The message you provided indicates you may have added the following custom entry (it would appear in your /etc/exim.conf.local file):

acl_check_data: deny  authenticated     = *  condition = ${if or {{ !eqi{$authenticated_id} {$sender_address} }\   { !eqi{$authenticated_id} {${address:$header_From:}} }\  }\  }  message     = Your FROM must match your authenticated email user.
This custom ACL will prevent you from sending email if the email address in the FROM field doesn't match the user you are authenticated with. In Roundcube, you can browse to Settings >> Identity and verify your default identity for this account is the actual email address that you've setup through cPanel.

Thank you.