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Jul 19, 2005
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I am on a dedicated server with Centos 7 64bits. Today I received a notification (by the security server of configserver) with the following context:

Excessive resource for rcp
Executable: / usr / sbin / rpcbind
Well, I know what this warning means, so I looked in this forum and found out that it's safe to disable it if I'm not in NFS securely. Therefore, I verify it based on the Red Hat tutorial and here is my output:

[root @ localhost] # mount -l | grep nfs
[root @ localhost] # cat / proc / mounts | grep nfs
As you see, there is no way out. I suppose that by this process I receive the following warning also:

Excessive use of resources for the user (the user represents any username of cpanel)
Executable: / usr / bin / gpg-agent
My first investigation gave me security to add these executables and command lines to csf.pignore. But I want to know if these processes are necessary, I mean if there is a safe deactivation option (I read that it is not recommended to uninstall any package by related dependencies). Or if these processes do not affect server performance or security I don't have any problem to keep running. I have around 300 cpanel accounts in this server.

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Nov 14, 2017
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