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Mar 3, 2003
I must be missing something, lol. I'm trying to run rsync to copy some files to an FTP account, but I cannot figure out where I specify the password for the account.

This is what I have (I believe this is right, but correct me if I am wrong):
rsync -a -v ssh /backups/cpbackup/weekly/ [email protected]:/cpbackups/weekly
I cannot figure out where the heck I specify the password for the account. (I'm guessing USERNAME is the username of the FTP account, but where does the password go?)

A point in the right direction would be appreciated.



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Mar 13, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
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It's possible you're missing the point of rsync. Rsync uses the rsync protocol, it doesn't use FTP at all. So you can't use an FTP password with it.

Rsync is really designed to be used around key files. Check out any rsync HOWTO on the web, there are heaps around, for how to set these up. Quick summary: generate a key file, put the public key in authorized_keys on the server and use the private key with the -i option to ssh.

If you're using this for NAS backup, you can ftp the rsync key file across onto the NAS server and then use rsync to do your backups. One nice thing about rsync is that you can run it every hour or so to make sure your backups made it across alright, rsync will check for changed files and only copy them across each time. (I use a backup hierarchy and copy that across, you may not want to rsync as often if you don't do that).
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